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Mike Valley’s knowledge about the goaltending position is second to none. His coaching ability and his enthusiasm have made all the difference in the world in helping Taylor reach the next level of hockey and realize his dreams. He creates an environment for success that develops the mental as well as physical aspects of a goaltender. Mike truly cares about his athletes and goes the extra mile to help them succeed. I can’t put a value on what Mike provides, great coaching is priceless.  - Kim Whitmore


I am so impressed with your company I had to write to you and thank you. I have never seen a school or any program for that matter go into the depth and detail of the position yet made it so simple to understand. The thought process, the instruction, the seminars , the presentations I don't know how you do it or have the energy to maintain the same level of commitment throughout. I tell everyone about your program (that is younger that my son and daughter of course) after all I don't want to create competition for them. You know I'm kidding, seriously through one word, INCREDIBLE!

I have been a house goaltender through Atom, Pee Wee and Bantam and after thius past summer with Elite Goalies I made my AAA Rep team. My coaches from last season could not believe the improvements that I made. I can't thank you enough.

Elite Goalies 

This summer was amazing! I can't believe how much I have improved in such a short time. It was so professional, the staff was awesome and the facilities were terrific! I have been to many camps and nothing compares to yours. I learned more in 4 days than I have ever learned anywhere else combined! Thank you!


Coach Valley has a unique talent to inspire goalies of all ages, and abilities.  Bringing out in them the very best they can be between the pipes.  Our first year, full time goalie, had the opportunity to work with Mike one on one, and at camps.  He took young, raw talent, and developed, in a short time, a very competitive goalie at the AAA level.   We heard several times in Minnesota, "you have one HOT goalie!"    I highly recommend Mike Valley for all goalies looking to excel.  He brings experience, enthusiasm, and a pure love for the position that translates into unparalleled coaching!  - Laura and Grant Siclovan

My son has been working out with Mike Valley since 2006. Mike is a hands on goalie coach, he personally demonstrates all of the skills he is teaching and also participates in the drills. Mike is able to relate to kids of all ages, his ability to communicate is one of the things that sets Mike apart from all of the other goalie instructors that my son has had.

He has the ability to make learning and practicing fun and when that happens you will notice a definite improvement in your goalie, the same as I have with my son. My son's skill level has improved more by working with Mike valley than any other goalie instruction he has received. You will not find a better goalie coach that has experience at the Junior, college and professional level to teach your goalie how to play the position. - Scott Dahlk

I have been training with Elite Goalies now for 2 seasons and I can not believe the difference in my game and in me as a person. The complete mentorship that Elite Goalies provides makes me want to be a better athlete and a better person. Their mantra of being  "a professional in all that you do" echoes through their professional staff. I thought that I was doing everything that I could to chase my dream, Elite Goalies opened my eyes as to what NHL goaltenders really know and how they train. Thank you EG



Mike has an amazing ability to quickly identify a goalie’s strengths and weaknesses. He then uses this to teach and coach a goalie to their highest potential. My daughter has benefited tremendously from his coaching and mentoring. – Jim Schuchardt


"Beyond his knowledge of goalie fundamentals, Mike's effectiveness as a teacher comes from the constructive and encouraging style he uses in practice. Mike's coaching technique motivates his players to give their best effort and take pride in developing their skills." ~ Matt and Scott Opsal

My son, A.J., has benefited ten fold from working with you!!  The DVD that was put together for A.J. gave him a visual on his strengths and weakness.  The positive reinforcement that can be heard from you on the DVD is inspiring.  I have felt since first meeting you  that you are a coach in the full sense of the word.  You talk to AJ and I on a personal level which helps to build a bond that can be taken right over to how well AJ reacts to instruction given to him by you. ~ Traci and AJ Walker

"We would highly recommend Mike. He works his students very hard on physical conditioning and techniques but also provides the insight, support, and encouragement to help them develop the equally important mental aspects of goaltending. He is an outstanding teacher and role model for a goalie". ~ Craig Witz

“Mike has a rare combination of experience playing and coaching the position at the highest levels, along with the patience and ability to relate to goalies of all ages.  My son has really enjoyed his sessions with Mike and I can see the improvement.  My son leaves the ice sweaty from working hard and smiling from having fun!” ~ Phil McConnell


Coach Valley,

It was really nice getting on the ice again with you, I always feel I become a better person and goalie when I work with you along with having a lot of fun while doing it. I felt like I really improved my mental and physical game the last four days and I would like to thank you for that. I came out of camp with some great notes that will help me throughout the year when I look back at them. I feel like those notes will be those simple reminders, yet game changing, for me to take my game to the next level. I also really liked the format of this years camp a lot, I think the movements and skills we worked on will be engrained much more within me because of how they were taught and the process we learned them. Thank you again for everything these last four days, and if you could let me know when you are in the Wisconsin area I would appreciate that because I'd love to take advantage of any opportunity I have to get on the ice with you.

Thank you once again,